Facts about Rockabilly

The wild rhythms of rockabilly appeared when some talented artists decided to harmoniously combine western and country music with early rhythm and blues. You probably did not know this term by now, but rockabilly refers to the early stages of Rock ‘n’ Roll. The rockabilly style is still appreciated by some ladies, who dress up as pinup girls on a daily basis. But here are a few interesting things you did not know about rockabilly.

Rockabilly, or the roots of Rock ‘n’ Roll

The very first forms of Rock ‘n’ Roll are today known as Rockabilly. This music genre was mostly played by people coming from the South and the majority of them were white. Characterized by a jumping, thumping beat that is made with an acoustic stand-up bass and a twangy electric guitar, rockabilly was the promising start of something that evolved into one of the most popular music genres ever.

A few of the most famous rockabilly musicians were Elvis Presley, Rick Nelson, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and The Everly Brothers. You recognize a rockabilly song even from the first musical notes. The jumping beat makes it visceral, propulsive and somehow sexual, so no wonder many fathers forbidden their wives and daughters listening to these songs. Yet the will of these men was powerless and soon rockabilly developed into Rock ‘n’ Roll, conquering America and the entire world in the ‘50s.

Bill Haley was one of the creators of Rockabilly. He started fusing jump blues with electrified country boogie, but Elvis Presley was the one and only. He truly crystallized the style of Rockabilly and immortalized it in his recordings between 1954 and 1956. Over time the style has improved considerably with loads of reverb, echoed vocals and a crisp yet warm ambiance that emphasize the wild enthusiasm.

Lots of artists were influenced by this new style and soon you could have heard it everywhere on the radio. Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbinson, Gene Vincent and many others started to sing and play Rockabilly, as if the initial enthusiasm would have been contagious. Everyone got the fever – from players to audience, they all have been charmed by this rebellious music style.

Wild rhythms of Rockabilly

Slowly Rockabilly has evolved into something more commercial, the music itself mutated and got new forms. Rock ‘n’ Roll gained in popularity significantly and Rockabilly was left somewhere in the dust. Yet delightful rockabilly influences can still be heard every once in a while in songs with hip-rolling beat and madly swinging. The Cramps and Stray Cats are some of the bands that tried to revive Rockabilly and their songs can still be listened to radio, together with amazing compositions of Elvis Presley, Roy Orbinson and Johnny Cash.

Rockabilly will always mean more than just a marriage of rock – from the term rock ‘n’ roll – and hillbilly. Listen to one of the rockabilly albums in the company of an Amsterdam escort and this music will truly rock your world. What is your favorite Rockabilly song?